SnackMarkit offers snack subscription boxes for people of all ages. Even though SnackMarkit kits are snack boxes for kids, adults undoubtedly love the creative international assortment of goodies.
Do you want to buy your kid a sweet treat or a salty snack? Why not try something distinctly different instead of grabbing a bag of the same bland biscuits or crisps? Your kids will travel the world once a month through their stomachs with a SnackMarkit kit!

These are more than just good to eat. The international snacks provide a super-sly way to teach your child one or two lessons. What lessons can your youngster learn from a snack package full of delights from around the world? Every cuisine has an own cultural history.

Learning about other countries by pointing to locations on a map or reading books is one technique, but the lesson is best retained by participating in the activities (and meals) of other children.

Your child won’t just be opening the same snacks they get every day when they open the snack subscription box. However, they are receiving what children in Poland, Japan, or another nation consume as a reward. Ask your child to envision what it would be like to live in the nation where the food originally came from to help them explore the world. For instance, as your child opens a bag of Japanese Kitkat, they are learning about the sweets that kids their age could consume in Japan.

The same holds true for the other nations where the treats come from. Substitute the snacks from the subscription box for their usual snacks. Additionally, each month they’ll get to discover and research different nations through the new snacls that arrive at your door.

When someone can interact with a culture directly, why should they read dry accounts of it from an adult’s perspective? With a little creativity and even some background research on the country of origin, the SnackMarkit snack items can serve as a doorway to other locations. As they rip open the food box each month, your kids might uncover new and unique locations!

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