It’s understandable why breakfast has gained a reputation as the most significant (and delectable) meal of the day given that it owns wonderfoods like pancakes, bacon, and waffles.

But what are people throughout the world eating on happy mornings? It turns out that the variety is astounding and that some nations actually integrate breakfast and snack items in a way that is genuinely amazing.

Curious? Check out some mouthwateringly decadent breakfast treats that are available worldwide:

Hagelslag (Netherlands)

Yes, Dutch folks actually eat toasted bread coated in butter and sprinkled with sugar for morning. This sweet variation on morning toast, known to cheerful Dutch snackers as Hagelslag, is available in a range of hues and flavors (chocolate being an obvious favourite). In Australia, a similar dessert known as “fairy bread” is available, but it’s typically served at sugar-fueled birthday celebrations rather at breakfast.

Banitsa (Bulgaria)

The traditional Bulgarian breakfast dish known as banitsa is greasy, filling, and oh-so-delicious. This snack is the ideal morning pick-me-up since it combines flaky filo pastry with whisked eggs, cheese, and a variety of fillings, including spinach. Yogurt or ayran are the perfect accompaniments to banitsa for the best experience (yogurt drink).

Sweet Tarts (USA)

Without exaggeration, people almost cry when they see the Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tart. Goodness straight from the toaster, with warm pastry and gooey filling… There isn’t a more wonderful and nostalgic breakfast, in all honesty. Opt for some of the more decadent flavors, like Smores or Vanilla Cupcake, for a true “treat yourself” morning.

Chilaquiles (Mexico)

Can you picture eating breakfast that is basically nachos? Chilaquiles are a Mexican meal made from triangles of crispy corn tortilla topped with meat, eggs, refried beans, salsa, and mole. Although it’s frequently eaten during breakfast or brunch, it would actually make an excellent snack at any time.

Salteñas (Bolivia)

Salteas are a delightful baked pastry that are frequently seen at morning street booths around Bolivia. They are stuffed with meats, spices, and other delectables. Salteas are distinguishable from baked empanadas due to their sweeter pastry and obscenely juicy stew-like contents. Feeling uncertain? Don’t worry; the selection is unlimited and includes options that are sweet and spicy as well as possible fillings like olives, eggs, potatoes, and various types of meat.

Soymilk and Youtiao (China)

Youtiao, also referred to as the “chinese doughnut,” is a fried dough with a soft, doughy interior and a fantastically crispy exterior. These sweets will rock your world and are an absurdly adaptable complement to any meal, best served with some sweet milk (soy and sweetened condensed milk are common favorites). Have some with congee for a wonderful treat (a delicious savoury rice porridge). Your life will be altered by it.

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