You’ve set up your Snack Markit international snack box subscription. What’s next? Waiting for your monthly subscription box to arrive in the mail is the first stage, obviously. Opening that snack box, whether it was a birthday present, Christmas present or something you got for yourself, could make you feel as though it was your birthday even when it wasn’t. Consider some inventive ways to use the sweets, cookies, cakes, and salty delights that are within, before you dive in and tear open the boxes, bags, and wrappers.

  1. Cake baking. Make a dessert using a few of favourite international foods. You’ll need frosting and your preferred flavor of cake mix. Pick sweets or cookies with cream, caramel, or chocolate inside. Break a few pieces of chocolate or those adorable bear-shaped Japanese biscuits into the basin after combining the batter. After incorporating them, bake the cake. Add icing and a few extra tasty international delights to the finished creation. Best kids snack option.
  2. Almost whatever you can make should be decorated. You’ve made a batch of cupcakes, but the standard icing and sprinkles simply aren’t cutting it. How can you help? Think beyond the box and utilize your exotic delicacies as opulent decor. Place a biscuit that resembles cookies on top and press Japanese gummies into the frosting. Add the many international goodies to cookies, pies, pudding desserts, and more.
  3. Unfold a sundae. By including bits of your international and exotic snacks, you may transform regular ice cream into a super-charged dessert. After adding the whipped cream and chocolate sauce, top the sundae with a candy bar square, an international cookie, or one of your other sweets.
  4. Create a buffet. Do not bother about preparing the snacks from the snack box into anything else if you are not a cook. Make an international-themed buffet. Place every item on a platter or arrange them by country of origin. By placing a flag on each plate that corresponds to the nation of the treat, you may make the table even more festive. Your kids will love it.
  5. Make artwork for multinational snack boxes. This is a fun way for youngsters to express their creativity using Snack Markit. Everything you remove from the box should have its packaging retained. The colourful package can be torn up into various shapes, strips, sections, and bits by the kids. Create a collage that reads “try the world” by adhering them to a colourful piece of poster board.

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